Early Pokemon Blue translations analysis

These are from early translations of Pokemon Blue. The files containing these translations will never be hosted here.

There are a lot of grammar changes, but these won't be covered.

This does not cover all of the changes. Just big ones.

Bye bye gender refences

The early script mentions the player being a male in several bits of NPC dialogue. The final game cuts all of these references.

The image above is just one example.

Rocket Team

Team Rocket was once called Rocket Team, and a group of TR members were called Rockets. One or two lines in the final game still mentions "Rockets".

Team Rocket's motivation

Giovanni states that Team Rocket is using their plots to fund their plans of world domination in early translations. This was shortened to evil schemes.

Getting starter Pokemon

"from Prof. Oak" was once appended to the end of messages for you and your rival obtaining your starter Pokemon.

Saved games

Saved games were once called Pokemon Reports, like in the Japanese version.

Great Ball

The Great Ball was originally called Super Ball, like in the Japanese version.


Character names, location names, certain concepts, such as the ghosts in the Pokemon Tower, and some other important keywords were not capitalized in early translation drafts.

TM sources

The game was meant to state who gave you a TM if you're handed one by someone. This includes the random NPC that gives you TM42.

Town descriptions

The original translations for Cerulean City, Fuschia Town, Pallet Town, and Saffron City's descriptions were straightforward. The final script punched them up a bit to tie in each town's name to the description.


Early translation drafts call Rattata "Korattavar". This name has never appeared in any media as a name for this Pokemon.

Battle start messages

Text for encountering Pokemon and Gym Leaders. "A" was removed from "A wild x appeared!" in the final game and the "x appeared" text originally used "A mean x appeared!".

This confirms that some of these early scripts were inserted into the game at some point, since the English Red and Blue manual has a screenshot with the text "The BROCK wants to fight!", which is the same formatting trainer challenges use in WIP translations.

Blue is powerful

Early translations had Blue call himself the most powerful being in the world. This was revised to most powerful trainer in the world.

Blue hated saying that

Blue once said "...I hated saying that..." after declaring you the champion.

Say my name

Blue would say your name after saying "Hey!". This was probably cut because he states your name in the next sentence.

Boy scout

"Boy scout" was changed to "cool guy", presumably to avoid infringing on the Boy Scouts trademark.


Part of Bruno's introduction was changed. "Body training" was changed to "weight trained", along with the structure of the sentence.

Cape House

The Sea Cottage was once called the Cape House.

Catch heck

A defeated Viridian Gym trainer once said he would "catch heck" from the gym leader for being defeated. This was completely rewritten in the final game.

Celedon trainer

The tense in this message was changed.

Blaine and Coleman

Blaine was once called Coleman.

Dex level

The amount of your Pokedex completed was once called "DEX's level of completion".

Environmental Hiker

One of the hikers says that he wants you to help protect the environment when defeated. This was rewritten in the final script to remove mentioning the environment.

Exp All

The early translation had Oak mention that you should get Exp All in the message that appears when you're close to 50 caught. This was changed so that he'd mention it once you hit the amount of Pokemon required to get it.

Early Fighting Dojo name

Erik and Sara

The lost couple Sara and Erik had the names Fiona and Stan in the earliest translations.

Fluked out

No more girls

Haunter to Graveler

Early translations had a Spectre (Haunter) as the Pokemon that evolved via trade. The final script changes it to Graveler.

Pokedex guide book

The Pokedex is called a guide book in early translations. The final game changes it to encyclopedia.

HM deletion

Moves learned from HMs were once called important moves when you tried to delete them in the earliest translations. The final game calls them "HM techniques" instead.


HM03 was called HM3 at one point. This is the only instance of an HM not having 0 in its name in any of the scripts.


The specific line of ninjas Koga is decended from is mentioned in early translations.

Losing sucks!

A defeated trainer swears in an early translation. This was changed in the final game.

This is the only time anyone swears in any translation draft.

Link Cable Club

The Cable Club was once called the Link Cable Club.

Lucky pun

Something of a pun can be found in the earliest drafts. A defeated NPC will say that you got lucky, then use mentioning being lucky to talk about Lucky (Chansey) being the only Pokemon to know Softboiled. Once they swapped the names, the joke no longer made sense, so they made it so he would cough after being beaten, then use it to talk about how Koffing evolves into Wheezing. Clever. The Chansey tip was likely in the Japanese version as well since Lucky is Chansey's Japanese name as well as its early English name.

More Chansey shenanigans

Marine Pokemon

Misty's description

Misty was once the precocious mermaid instead of the tomboy mermaid.

Misty's policy

Part of Misty's pre-fight speech was rewritten.

Mushroom hunter

Lines about someone hunting for mushroom Pokemon were rewritten.

Unlocalized Pokemon nickname

Old man battles little kids

One of the old men on the S.S. Anne seems to enjoy battling the young a little too much in an early translation.

Pulp you

Red and Green instead of Red and Blue

Green was never released in the West, so they changed it to Blue.

Scouts to hikers

Scout was changed to Hiker in a line. Likely because they purged all refences to the real life Boy or Girl Scouts organizations.

Talking about Lt. Surge

An NPC talking about Lt. Surge was expanded in the final game.

Tasty bike